Go Wrocław Dwarfs


Mobile app for searching for popular Wrocław city figures.


Go Wroclaw Dwarfs is a mobile app for Wroclaw Dwarfs explorers. With the app you are able to:
– Explore the huge collection of Wroclaw Dwarfs
– Filter and sort the list of dwarfs using various criteria
– See the Dwarfs on the Google Map
– Get directions to the Dwarfs
– Collect point by visiting dwarfs (the app uses geolocation and GPS).
– Visit the Dwarfs – the app knows if you are close to the Dwarfs. By pressing “visit” button and being close to the Dwarf, you make the Dwarf visited and get points and awards for that
– See the list of all Dwarf Explorers and compete with them
– See the Dwafs on Radar. You simply define the Radar circle radius and the app will notify you if there are any Dwarfs in this Range. No chance to miss it anymore
– See the big colection of Dwarfs photos.
– Make your own pictures of Dwarfs and share them with others.
– See your profile and ranking of Dwarfs Explorers.
– See the Hsitory of your Dwarfs visits.

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