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The application is designed to assist in the transportation of packages containing drugs and pharmaceuticals. The system was implemented in 13 branches (expeditions) in Poland. The application is installed on about 150 devices.


The application was developed for Windows Mobile 6.5 platform for a dedicated device Motorola MC55 (former Symbol). Tha mobile computer shielded with the application is used by dispatcher and driver in a pharmacy transportation and company. The dispatcher uses the software by scanning barcodes of packages while distributing them to palets, during reception of non delivered packages etc. Drivers scans barcodes during packages delivery and reception. All information regarding receptions and deliveries (list of packages, delivery targets etc) is instantly updated from servers. All the information “produced” by the device (scanning information, GPS coordinates) is synchronized to servers. Thankfully to it the system operators always know where is the package and knows the locations of drivers and cars that do the delivery.
The application is always up-to-date because of self-update mechanism. If there is a newer version to be installed, the application downloads it and installs during startup.

The application has been developed using .NET Compact Framework 3.5. For data communication, HTTP/SOAP/XML protocol is used.
The system has been delivered and installed in Poland in 17 departments (major polish cities). The application is installed on over 250 devices.

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